Growing In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) Market To Set New Business Opportunities for Start Up Company

Vidan Diagnostics Expected To Provide Access to Unique Tests Related to Monitoring of Diabetes and Sepis.

 SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS — April 7, 2018 — Today Vidan Diagnostics, LLC announces it has officially started business operations in the United States.  Vidan Diagnostics also announced with business launching early this year, healthcaree professionals will have access to Vidan’s new products through its national distributors in the coming weeks.

The First of Many Unique Tests

Vidan will introduce the Lucidplus™ β-Ketone Plus Glucose Monitoring System during the second quarter.  The availability of the Lucidplus™ and the diminished usage of urine-based (nitroprusside) ketone tests will further spurr the acceptance of beta-hydroxybutyrate testing as the preferred method for monitoring patients with diabetic ketoacidosis, (DKA).  Diabetic ketoacidosis is a complication of diabetes that occurs when ketones build up in the bloodstream.  “Having new and innovative products like the Lucidplus™ is critical to the success of our new company,” said Gilbert Mejia, CEO of Vidan Diagnostics.  “We are fortunate to have developed a healthy product pipeline for diabetes and sepsis tests that will benefit patients and healthcare providers,” added Mr. Mejia.

Founded in 2015, Vidan Diagnostics LLC is a supplier of medical diagnostic products.  It is focused on medical devices and reagents used for diagnosing and monitoring patients with conditions of diabetes, sepsis, anemia, heart disease and stroke.  Vidan Diagnostics is dedicated to delivering proven and innovative products to all people in all places, in all aspects and stages of life with integrity and reliability.  The company is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas.

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