Next Generation Beta-hydroxybutyrate Assay
for Reliable Ketosis Management


Product Features and Benefits

Prefilled Reagent Kits

Makes it easy to load directly onto Architect™ and Beckman AU® clinical chemistry systems. Other instrument applications available upon request.

Up to 12 Weeks Stability

Superior stability reduces the frequency of calibration and allows reagent to stay onboard longer.

Less Interference

Lipid Clearing System (LCS) that overcomes the burden of lipemia by eliminating turbidity in the sample before a measurement is performed.

The Best Indicator of DKA

The βHB/Acetoacetate ratio is typically between 3:1 and 7:1 in severe ketotic states.1

1 Vassault A, Bonnefont JP, Specola N, et al: Lactate, pyruvate, and ketone bodies. In
Techniques in Diagnostic Human Biochemical Genetics – A Laboratory Manual. Edited by F Hommes. New York, Wiley-Liss, 1991.

Method Comparison

n = 171; y-intercept = +0.001 mmol/L; slope = 1.012; R = 0.9991

Competitor β-Hydroxybutyrate (mmol/L)