Launch of QCnow™ Peer Review Program

QCnow™ Enables Vidan Diagnostics Customers to Access On-demand Interlaboratory
Quality Control Reports.

SAN ANTONIO, Texas, June 8, 2020 – Vidan Diagnostics, LLC today announced the launch of its QCnow™ Peer Review Program. QCnow™ is a portal to quality control information, providing laboratory personnel with an easy and rapid way to access their quality control data and other QC related information via the internet. QCnow™ enables Vidan Diagnostics customers to access on-demand and monthly interlaboratory reports, as well as convenient online data entry and management.

The Advantages of Participating in the QCnow™ Peer Review Program
“Our customers have come to expect value added tools such as QCnow™”, said Al Blanco, COO of Vidan Diagnostics. “Advantages of participating in the QCnow™ Peer Review Program will allow customers to detect and identify potential analytical errors of importance, meet accreditation and regulatory requirements, and supplement proficiency testing (PT) programs to name a few”, Blanco added. The QCnow™ Peer Review Program can be easily accessed by visting the Vidan Diagnostics Customer Portal at

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