Availability of Beta-Hydroxybutyrate Reagent on Beckman Coulter AU® Systems

SAN ANTONIO, TX – November 01, 2019 – Vidan Diagnostics, LLC today announced the launch of its prefilled reagent kits for the Beckman Coulter AU® clinical chemistry systems.

Pre-filled Reagent Kits 

Vidan’s pre-filled reagent kits makes it easy to load its β-Hydroxybutyrate 21FS Reagent directly onto the Beckman Coulter AU® clinical chemistry systems.  Competitor reagent kits for beta-hydroxybutyrate require laboratorians to transfer the reagent, (pour over) into  AU® system reagent bottles. “Providing our customers with pre-filled packaging allows the convenience of loading directly onto their chemistry system while saving time, eliminating waste and potential operator errors,” said Gilbert Mejia, CEO of Vidan Diagnostics.  “Based on feedback gathered from our customers, we determined that pre-filled kits for beta-hydroxybutyrate would provide Vidan’s beta-hydroxybutyrate reagent with a significant competitive advantage,” added Mr. Mejia.


Beta-hydroxybutyrate is the predominate ketone body produced during Diabetic Ketoacidosis, (DKA)  It’s relative proportion in the blood, (78%) is greater than the other two ketones, acetoacetate, (20%) and acetone, (2%) and is therefore the best indicator of DKA.    DKA is a serious condition that can lead to diabetic coma or even death.

Founded in 2015, Vidan Diagnostics LLC is a supplier of medical diagnostic products.  It is focused on medical devices and reagents used for diagnosing and monitoring patients with conditions of diabetes, sepsis, anemia, heart disease and stroke.  Vidan Diagnostics is dedicated to delivering proven and innovative products to all people in all places, in all aspects and stages of life with integrity and reliability.  The company is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas.

AU® is a registered trademark of Beckman Coulter, Pasadena, CA ,USA

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