If you are a diabetic, chances are good that you have at least heard of ketoacidosis. Given the wide number of people today who are embarking on the keto diet, there has been some confusion as to what ketoacidosis or DKA is and what causes it. Ketosis is the state of lowering carbs and sugars that helps to burn fat. This is entirely different from DKA, which is a complication found in those who have type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Understanding the symptoms of DKA and what can cause it could help to save your life if you have diabetes.


Diabetic ketoacidosis is caused when the insulin levels in the blood are too low, which stops glucose from getting into the cells where it needs to be. While this is similar in some ways to those on the keto diet, who check their ketones as a means of burning more fat, in ketoacidosis, the high levels of glucose can cause the body to dehydrate as glucose and water are often excreted through the kidneys. Dehydration can be very serious and in extreme cases, can be fatal.

It is important to know and understand the symptoms of DKA. It is also important to know how to combat these symptoms. Vidan Diagnostics in San Antonio distributes Beta-Hydroxybutyrate, which helps patients to monitor for DKA. If you are interested in learning more, please visit us online at https://vidandiagnostics.com/ or call us at (210) 960-4881.